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2004 GSXR-1000

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New to the board, just wanted to throw up my wheels. :twisted:
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jkulysses said:
I can't see your pics.
This thread was started over a year ago. The pics would have been long gone by now.
Janis said:
You've said that you:
"have taken the rubber to the edge on the rear tire a dozen times. I have a few awesome set of back roads near my house, and lets just say I crapped my draws doing this maneuver the first time. I'll tell you, the bike was right there, like it was on a rail. There is one stretch of road where I can get into it with a right, quick left, and another gradual right, and man the bike feels like an extension of your body, it gives you feedback like you were running your hand over the pavement yourself."

So I assumed you were driving fast and bending quite a bit.
I also assumed that if you bend a lot you can't go slow, otherwise the bike would drop.
You didn't said anything about traffic, you talked about "back roads", which I don't think means track or private roads.
Anyway, I'm sorry if you got offended. I would never ride a bike like yours (any sportbike for that matter) fast and "taking the rubber to the edge of the tire' on a road.

ciao, Janis

Extremley way off topic but are really from Rome Janis? I was just there not too long ago besides Taragona (spelling),Spain I'd have to say that was one of my most favorite cities to visit great place and great people! :mrgreen:
I noticed that after the fact.......I was having a few brews so my attention to detail was a little skewed! lol!
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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