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2004 GSXR 750 Engine Break In?

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Hi just wondering what some of you mechanics recomend for engine break in?I pick up my new bike tomorrow and just wanted a heads up.

I am one who tends to follow what the manual says.However I have heard to run it a little hard on the first 20 miles or so to help seat the rings.

Anyhow care to comment on this subject?

Thankyou guys,

DD :smile:

PS-I also need to break in my brakes and tires too!!!
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The most important points are to take it through all of the rpm ranges, and change the oil after the first 1000 miles. The engine needs to get warm (not overheated), and then cool down again, but there is no timeframe that I'm aware of. If something is going to fail (due to a manufacturing problem), it will fail regardless of how you break in the engine. If you want the rings to seal properly, just make sure that the engine is run well - don't leave it idling for long periods and don't run constantly at any RPM level.

There is no reason NOT to take a new bike on a half-day ride, keeping in mind that everything is new - you have to be careful with new tires. You can't take brand new tires and expect 100% traction until you have worn off the production coatings - and that can only be done by riding them gently (and gradually increasing your lean angles) for the first couple hundred miles.
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