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I know this is crazy,but my wife bought me this motorcycle for my 40th birthday and I don't want it. Why, You ask? I haven't owned a motorcycle since I was 20 and I now have 2 children under 2 years of age and I simply will not have time enough to ride that I can justify owning this motorcycle. My wife meant well,but she made a mistake and now it's going to cost us,I know. I tried to get excited and bought some accessories but I've taken a ride and I really didn't enjoy myself. It's just not me.The accessories that I mentioned are an XL Himalaya riding jacket-$145,Suzuki riding gloves-$25,Uninstalled Kuryakyn Iso Grips-$60,DOT Full faced helmet-$90,Cheap motorcycle cover that does the job-$25
I'm asking $7400 obo.

Grove City,OH

[email protected]
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