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i have a similar issue on my suzuki dr200 , the bike is supersmooth once it starts as the engine was rebuilt recently, However once it heats up light hissing noise from the cylinder head turns to light ticking noise which then converts to loud ticking unbearable noise which wakes up the neighbours .. bike only works for 2-4 kms till this noise stops me from riding it..

i have the checked the valve clearances
changed the cam chain
the cam shaft is perfect
piston to valve clearance is perfect

One observation is that my cam follower (rocker arms) makes this noise and jams up (seizes) to freely operate .. for this issue i have replaced the rocker arm and the rocker arm shaft but still this issues exists ..

the mechanic has taken out the whole cylinder assembly and planning to rebuild it but i know for sure that it wont fix the issue .. can any one suggest anything over here...
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