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Hi all,

I’m a longtime member of the Benelli Forum (yeah, I know what you are thinking but don’t knock them until you’ve tried them :p
I have run a number of Group-buys for many items over the years but we have recently identified a new source for carbon fiber parts which previously have been very difficult, if not impossible, to source.

The company is called Carbon Parts Slovakia and it is run by a gentleman called Peter. He has asked me to see if I can introduce his company to a number of Triumph riders as he produces many parts for these bikes, hence my post today.

I have always found him to be great to deal with and the quality of the items is excellent.

As an introductory offer they are prepared to reduce their web prices by 25% for all Triumph carbon parts until the end of May 2010. All you have to do is contact them through the website or by email to [email protected] and mention the ‘Benelli Forum 25% Discount Offer’

I would also like to stress that I am in no way connected with the company of any of its employees other that as a customer.

Please perform a search for ‘carbon parts’ on the Benelli Forum to find pics and comments of their products.

Cheers guys and happy shopping.
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