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600 GSX Does not start

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I have been trying to start my 94 GSX and it does not want to start. When i try to start it sounds as if it is trying to start but does not.
I checked the my recharged battrey and it is has the required power.
Tried using Choke but does not help.
Checked the plugs and all the 4 seems to fire properly, checked the air filter and is clean too.
I sprayed a bit of starting fluid in the air filter and tried to start, it back fired on the second try and made huge noice like a shot gun shot on the fourth try but still it does not start.
Can any one help me with this ???
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Does it backfire out the exhaust or into the carbs? Also throw some stabilizer in that tank or just drain. Eliminate all simple issues.

If ignition timing is off will cause backfires also.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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