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82GS 550 only running on right side.

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Last year this bike was running so bad that in order to ride it I had to have the choke on. So this year I cleaned the carbs completly. I can at least get the bike to start and run, but the left side is not burning the fuel. I switch plugs from the good side and even switched the coil. The right is very consistant. I'm trying to sync the carbs but this is useless until the left will run. I re-cleaned the jets and checked my float levels. These are all fine. Took out the pilot screws and cleaned this as well. When the bike is running you can smell the left side is not burning the fuel at all. In fact it's barely getting warm. However the bike does have good rpm response but it lags. Any sugesstions would be helpfull.

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check out the needle and seat, if there are any marke what so ever, replace them, it might be leaking fuel and just plain old flooding out.
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