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86-88 DR 200 I NEED a picture of this carb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey again, I need a picture of a 86-88 DR200 carb.......

iam not sure if the one on my bike is the right one.......

PLEASE SOMEONE with a 86-88 dr200 get me a picture of this carb it will be VERY APPCIATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please........... on the bike or off the bike some please help me out...

or I'll put a pic up on here and if someone can tell me if it is or isn't the right one or even what it is off of it will help me out GREATLY !!!!!!!!
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Try They have full schematics for most bikes I have encountered. Hope this helps!

Maybe someone jetted the carbs to what worked best....or more likely you are refering to a Clymer manual for the factory jetting. I have dicovered a few minor details that were incorrect for my bike. The Bike bandit site says 86-88 came stock with a 25 pilot jet....not that its never wrong....maybe try the jetting you've got and then experiment with some different jetting to see what works best. Stock jetting is hardly ever right on. Hope this helps, good luck!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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