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88 gsxr when it get warm....

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Hi I have a 88 gsxr 750 and after i have been running it for 20mins or so it starts to miss fire. But up to point it will go through the RPM range jus fine but after it get warmed up for like 20mins it will misfire of seem boogy strating my 6-8000rmp and on ward. Does anyone know wat might cause this.
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Bad coil

Get an ohmmeter and test it before (cold), and then after the bike is warmed up. 80's Suzuki's are notorious for bad coils, and that is a symptom right there. Although the stock igniter boxes are pretty robust, it still COULD be suspect, but unlikely.

- Nut
I was also thinking igniter box because I had a similar circumstance happen with a Honda Magna once. The difference was, the Magna would run OK up to about 4K, then half the cylinders would intermittently fire. Weird stuff. But, it did that when the bike was hot AND cold. The Magna has two igniter boxes. One of them turned out to be bad.

I'd still go with coil first . . .

- Nut
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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