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Hello to the group.

I'm a re-cycle rider, looking for my first bike in 12 years. My
riding has been on an old Suzuki 185, a YZ125, a KTM 400 and a CB500. I took
a MSF Beginners' course last weekend.. shook out the cobwebs a bit.
Main use for a bike will be a 17 mile each way to/from work (65-70
mph 6-7 miles plus small town), tootling errands and figuring
out "just where does that road go".

There's a '90 model DR 650 for sale mear me. Any advice, opinons or
GOTCHA's for this bike would be appreciated. This bike looks very
clean... doubt it'll last long unless there's a big uh-oh with it. I can handle the kick start, given the bike's in decent tune.

Advice/opinions are appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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