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90' RMX250 hard starter when hot

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Hey all. I bought this bike used and am running through the thing when I came across this particular problem. The bike runs fine now that I've cleaned the carb out (by the way a 1990 has a VM series carb but mine has a TM 1991 carb on it). Again the bike runs fine and pulls great. I just installed a new filter but can't seem to get past the hard starting problem when the thing warms up. Any ideas? Could it be the top end? I'm gonna replace the reeds just to be on the safe side but would still like to ask.

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Looks like it could have been the reeds. I installed a new set of Boyesen power reeds and it runs much, much better now. I ran it for 15 minutes and it would kick over after that on the first kick. I have a new S/A pipe coming today and want to install it before I finish out the jetting and finalize it with a long test ride. BTW - before I installed the new reeds I checked the old ones and they were sitting off the reed block by about 1/2 to 1 cm.
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