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91 Katana 600F won't idle?

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Has anyone had this problem? Working on a 91 katana 600F, it has bees sitting for 2 years without being started. Carbs were just 100% cleaned, Plugs cleaned, oil changed, and so on. It runs great till till I turn the choke all the way off. Turning up the idle does not help. Leaving choke on 1/4 is the only way it will idle at 1000-1500 R's. Have a manual coming to check the needle highth and other stock stuff. By the way, the bike has 16,800 miles, normal cam/valve noise. Did I miss something while cleaning the carbs? just sounds like not enough gas at idle? Thanks for any replies, John :shock:
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Make sure you have the Carbs Syncronized and that you have the correct plug gaps.
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