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91 Katana 600F won't idle?

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Has anyone had this problem? Working on a 91 katana 600F, it has bees sitting for 2 years without being started. Carbs were just 100% cleaned, Plugs cleaned, oil changed, and so on. It runs great till till I turn the choke all the way off. Turning up the idle does not help. Leaving choke on 1/4 is the only way it will idle at 1000-1500 R's. Have a manual coming to check the needle highth and other stock stuff. By the way, the bike has 16,800 miles, normal cam/valve noise. Did I miss something while cleaning the carbs? just sounds like not enough gas at idle? Thanks for any replies, John :shock:
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91 Suzuki Katana 600 idle problems

I have a Katana 600 in my shop that I can't get to idle! Carbs are clean, new plugs, valves adjusted it just won't idle. It will idle down to 3000 rpm and thats with the idle screw about a turn from being all the way out but when I turn the idle down to where the screw isn't even touching it just drops to 600 rpm or so then dies, there's no middle ground! I've been messing with this thing for days now. There must be something I'm missing! Can anyone help?:banghead:
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