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Well, here it is. 6 months, 14 coats of House of Color, all auminum polished and clear coated, seats, chrome as necessary, bags, windshield, etc. later it is finally finished (well to the degree that a bike is really ever really finished). Hope it brings everybody a smile.

Question to 1400 owners. When I bought this bike the owner cautioned me that it had no reserve what-so-ever (like less than 3 miles). Being brilliant (or so I thought), I assumed that someone had crossed the reserve line with the run line at some point, and my Suzuki manual indicated that this assumption was correct. I naturally followed the manual and ran out of gas after 3 miles on the run line. I switched to the reserve where I had plenty of gas so the manual was incorrect and I switched the lines back to where they were. Easy temporary solution, but the fact remains that I may have only 3 miles on the reserve tank!!! Any ideas as to why. On my old Honda, the manual stated that you had to have the stopcock in the on position to fill the reserve tank. How exactly does a reserve tank work anyway?
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