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i bought my bike two years ago and it was a wrecked bike that sat in a garage for 5 yrs.... now.... it was mangled and bashed and scratched and bruised.... so piece by piece i have replaced, polished, mended, and fabricated that bike back i bought it to be a hobby ....but i now really like the bike and want to ride it more and more.... but, if the bike sits more than a day without firing it up and running it.... i won't start up right and the plugs foul out.... last year.... after having the carbs reworked and jetted... that didn't help... now this year new needle and seats.... still it floods out and fouls the plugs out... so my suzuki dealership mechanic is picking it up today and he says he has no clue what it could be.....i have done alot of research on the internet...and have run across a few post describing simular troubles during cold starts..... i am at a loss... anyone have any ideas..... ??? you guys can email me or instant message me if you have any clue... thanks... jason
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