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I am building a snowmobile with a katana 600 93 engine. We bought the ignitor and now we need to connect it. Unfortunately, every book, dealer and Suzuki canada have the wires colors coming in the ignitor in a circuit diagram, but they don't tell you to which pin exactly they connect.

The wiring harness cost like 400$ at the dealer, but im trying to find used one. However, i dont really need it, I just need the information.

If someone has a 89-95 suzuki Katana 600 or gsx600F, can you take a picture (or draw a little sketch) of the two connectors going into the ignitor so I can see which colors goes where on the connector.

Thanks guys
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How sweet is this!

Here I am poking around the forum, checking out the scene...then I find your wiring harnes question, and what do I have literally sitting at my feet....well a box containing an extra '93 wiring harness of course! I didn't even have to get off my *** for this one!

I will describe to you where each color wire connects to which pin.

First lay the CDI (black box) down on a table, with the screw holes at the bottom and the sticker side up.

Looking at the connectors from an end view, you should see a total of 8 pins, 4 on the right connector and 4 on the left connector. On the left connector there should be extra space, which would look like room for 2 more pins.

Got that? Then here we go.....

Moving from Top Left (TL) to Bottom Right (BR) the color wires which attach are.

LEFT CONNECTOR (the larger of the two):
TL: Black w Blue
TR: Yellow
BL: Nothing, no wire connects here
BR: Black w Red

TL: Orange w white
TR: White
BL: Black w White
BR: Black w Yellow

Just so you know, all the numbers on my CDI are:
32900 - 19C00
131800 - 5080
12V TNBF03 G


Do you plan to use the bikes shifter and cltuch, or are you going to integrate the mobile's centrifugal clutch or a combination of the two?

Good luck.
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