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93 Katana 600 Pin connections on Ignitor

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I am building a snowmobile with a katana 600 93 engine. We bought the ignitor and now we need to connect it. Unfortunately, every book, dealer and Suzuki canada have the wires colors coming in the ignitor in a circuit diagram, but they don't tell you to which pin exactly they connect.

The wiring harness cost like 400$ at the dealer, but im trying to find used one. However, i dont really need it, I just need the information.

If someone has a 89-95 suzuki Katana 600 or gsx600F, can you take a picture (or draw a little sketch) of the two connectors going into the ignitor so I can see which colors goes where on the connector.

Thanks guys
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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