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94 RF600 California Emissions questions

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I recently bought a salage titled 94 RF600. Among some of its problems was an extremely rusty gas tank. When I pulled the tank and drained the gas, the gas was a dark orange and there was a good quarter inch of rust residue on the bottom of the tank.

So I picked up a tank cheap from eBay, only problem is that I'm in California, and the bike is California, but the tank isn't. The California version of the RF600 has extra emissions, specifically a fuel vapor line from the tank and some other vacuum hoses from the carbs. I put the tank back on and filtered some of the old fuel I drained from the original tank to see if she would start up. She's running, but not perfectly. Of course, this is an old bike that had a tramatic past so I'm not excepting her to purr like new.

What I'm wondering are there any problems, peformance or otherwise (excluding the emissions control) of not having the correct tank and if there's anything I can do to correct these problems without having to fix or find a California RF600 tank.

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You could ditch all that emissions control stuff if you wanted to. Lines, canisters, hoses, etc. The bike may even run better. Sometimes canisters are so full of fuel that it can cause a rich condition. But, I dont know what California laws state. Do you have inspections or emissions tests? If you do, an inspector would frown upon a 49 state tank. If you don't, then get rid of that crap and your worries are over.
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