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A cool ride today

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I just had the longest ride of my life (considering the Tuesday of last week was the first time I've ever ridden a bike), going from West Covina, CA to Fullerton, CA, about 15 miles each way, with a max speed of 50 mph. The ride included a little of every thing, winding road, long sweeping curve, tight corners, city street traffic, etc., except for highway runs. I was paying attention to all the things that members of this forum had cautioned me, such as the proper way to support the bike at a traffic light, how to turn. I even did quite a few countersteerings, as taughted in "more proficient motorcycling." It was a lot of fun. I can't wait until tomorrow afternoon to do more riding !!!
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Young Jedi,,,you have much to see!!!! Keep up the practicing and enjoying even the tiny spurts you get to ride.
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