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A cool ride today

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I just had the longest ride of my life (considering the Tuesday of last week was the first time I've ever ridden a bike), going from West Covina, CA to Fullerton, CA, about 15 miles each way, with a max speed of 50 mph. The ride included a little of every thing, winding road, long sweeping curve, tight corners, city street traffic, etc., except for highway runs. I was paying attention to all the things that members of this forum had cautioned me, such as the proper way to support the bike at a traffic light, how to turn. I even did quite a few countersteerings, as taughted in "more proficient motorcycling." It was a lot of fun. I can't wait until tomorrow afternoon to do more riding !!!
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Gixxerdale said:
:bluethum: Keep ridin! So what's your favorite ride so far? Tomorrows?
Yes, except at the time of this reply, it's more like yesterday. :mrgreen:

I did pretty much the same route as the day before and once again enjoyed the whole experience. At one point, an elderly gentleman riding in a cruiser on the opposite site of the traffic actually greeted me by holding up his left thumb. Later last night, one of my poker buddy said that the cruiser bikers have a unspoken brotherhood or something like that.

At the end of the ride, I went to the local DMV (already closed for business, but then again, when is it ever open ?), and practiced the "ring", both clockwise and counterclockwise.

Can't wait until the MSF class.
Gixxerdale said:
Sounds like you're doing well. As for cruisers waving etc., you can wave to any biker. I do, some just ignore me because I ride a rice rocket, but that's OK too. When I stop to help out some"American Iron" on the side of the highway, they are shocked, and become very grateful! Hell, we all ride, what's the difference, other than what we choose to ride and how much we spend? :mrgreen:

Wookie do you live in West Covina?

Did some more riding this morning, a beautiful morning indeed, cool, breezy, and perfect day. I pretty much tried to find scenic routes in Hacienda Heights (where I live, about a few miles south of West Covina), Rowland Heights, and Brea. And of course, rounded that up with a trip to local DMV.

I was pleasantly surprised to see many other bikers that early in the morning (ok, maybe not that early, about 10 AM or so), and everyone waved at me and I waved back. Even a sheriff pulled up along side of me at a traffic light and he waved at me (probably laughing at the ridiculous gears I was wearing. I wore full body gear, with shoulder, elbow, knee pads, gloves, back armor, helmet, boots, the whole nine-yard, riding a f*&^ing 250cc cruiser) and I waved back.

Nobody has ever waved anything at me other than that infamous finger when I drive.

I love this bike-riding thing !!!
BTW, this may sound a little silly to you veterans:

I just had my very first "bug on the windshield (Ok, it's actually a visor)."

I thought that was rather amusing.
I like waving :)

I return the wave whenever waved and I initiate a wave when the opposing traffic gets close enough (regardless the types of bikes). Some of them were a little late noticing me (especially when I had the sun at my back) and did not return the wave until we're almost passing each other. But I just like the sense of brotherhood (ok some are sisters).
Gixxerdale said:
To bad you weren't riding while all the butterfies were migrating up her from Mexico. I had a yellow Gixxer, and black leathers with a yellow front for a couple weeks!

In my case, that'd be a yellow cruiser. Now that would be something rare.
trappercase said:
There's a Yellow S40 owner on the board...Ohhh Yellow Jacketttttttttt?

edit: The bike is yellow not the owner
In my case, that'd be both.

I did another ride today, down the Carbon Canyon Road. It was great, except for this fr***ing pickup truck that kept on tailgating me, especially on some of the tight turns, even though I was doing the speed limit.

Also, on my way to Carbon Canyon, I had to go up a hill on Grand Ave. I was on top gear flat-out full throttle, only managed to get to 45 mph, the speed limit was 50 (patience my young skywalker, oh, wait, that'd be chewy).
Roger that. This is the first time I've felt the proverbial heat. I am sure it's not going to be the last time.

No damper on my enjoyment of the ride.

I'd like to ride some more tomorrow, as I will have to take Wednesday off (golf tournament) and the rest of the week looks like rain-out, until Sunday.
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