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a little bit of a reccomendation

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Hello, my name is Girth. I have been riding motorcycles since I was around eleven years old(just so you know I am almost 19 now) and I have been riding mostly harleys and dirtbikes all of my life. I love my harley and my dirtbikes, but I am seriously considering selling the harley and going to a sportbike. Don't get me wrong I love my bikes but I feel it is time to quit with the loud and boring and start with something a little more faster and a little more fun. I am above average for a rider my age and was considering a suzuki gsx series bike; and i know what your thinking "Just another little punk that wants to look cool and get a little bit from the ladies" but that is the farthest thing from it. I just want to be able go out and have some fun by myself out on the highways around here. Well i look forward to your responses(sp?) and all of your advice. - Girth

P.S. I should probably tell you where I stand for bikes. My harley is a '96 soft tail custom that I have been riding for about four years now and I have a '89 kawasaki 125cc dirtbike. the engine has been rebuilt within the last 4 years so it is fairly new and I have been riding that since I was eleven.
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Get what your most comfortable on. You have the experience to know what you will do with the bike.
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