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We just completed a 1,200+ Mile road trip on our Burgman 650.
It started Sunday with an overnite group ride of fellow Burgman Riders. then or trip around Wisc. started just the 2 of us (me and my wife).
Mon. Started @ 9:30, 230 miles on the 1st day, a lot of wind 20+ MPH crosswind on twisties, "The River Run".
Tues Started at 6:30 270 the next, 1/2 of which was in the rain, not bad really, no wind.
Wed., we hunkered down where we were at, as I can do rain, I can do wind but not 3" of rain in 1 day with 30 MPH wind with 40 mph gusts. a good day to be in a hot tub and Lounge, ALL Day.
Thurs. started out @ 6:30 @ 42 degrees Faharenhite, 100 miles in by breakfast (8:30) 368 miles across the UP of Michigan, ended at Lake Mich. (Escanaba).
Fri started @ 6:15 and 38 degrees F. stopped for Breakfast, and 223 miles home by 12:00
Confidence in the burgman is Very High, as there was no trouble with the bike, and the handeling (2 up with 50+ lbs of gear) was exceptional. Rain, wind, and the twisties along the "River Run" along the Mississippi.
We went out for Supper with the luggage off, and the shocks reset. and the ride was much firmer. That 50 lbs of extra stuff really makes the ride much better and we still averaged about 49 MPG. No heated Vest or Grips, just a heavy Leather Jacket and Gloves (with long john's under the pants), it was cool but tolirable. Me and my wife suprised ourselves and concluded 400 mile + per day trips where do-able.

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Hey Bat, just curious, are the leaves turning up in the UP? It's been quite a while since I've been there, definitely some beautiful country. I think I'll always remember the smell of the pines in northern Michigan. Man, I need to make a run up there sometime.

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