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A Serious Note

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Some of you have been posting pics that we (the mods) feel are not appropriate for the forum. Some people like to log on during their breaks at work and check out the newest posts. THEY ARE TRUSTING THIER FELLOW FORUM MEMBERS TO FOLLOW THE RULES.

Some people think it's no big deal to post a link to a porn site, and then have the gall e-mail me saying, "Man, you need to lighten up."

No, what needs to happen is that people need to READ THE FORUM RULES and FOLLOW THEM.

I smell a banning folks. I'm serious.

I'm sitting here, right now, trying to decide whether or not to ban the last poster that did this. I'm currently leaning 90% towards a temporary ban. There are porn sites on the web that cater to this type of material. This ain't one of them.

Any discussion on where this misunderstanding (of the rules) arises from is welcome.
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Meat Man...
Why stop at 10 days. I would have zero tolerance for not only his breaking the rules, but his inability to own up to it.

Ban him indefinitely is what I say.
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