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A true addict!

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Man am I addicted! Have I hit bottom to realize this? There is no cure that I know of? Never gave it any thought until this morning. I start having withdrawals after 2 days! Yep!

Two days in a row, and I need to ride again. Worse than that, if I go any where over night for any reason, the Gixxer is in tow! Holidays, family get aways, the Gixxer is always there!

Enough of this, gotta go ride The Crest this morning and some other twisties this afternoon!
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May I just say:

Bite Me! :p

The days I could have ridden, I had other issues to deal with. The days I could ride (like today), it's raining like cows p!$$in' on flat rocks. Haven't been in the saddle since last Sunday. :banghead:
Weather cleared up nicely this afternoon... but about all I had time for was a quick run to the edge of town and back. Not exactly what I'm itchin' for. Supposed to be clearer tomorrow, though. [cross fingers]
5:30? Dude, your towards the western part of the Eastern time zone(zulu -5). I'm closer to the eastern part of Central time (zulu -6). Which means it's getting dark by 4:30, and is dark by 5:00 this time of year. Sucks.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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