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2005 Suzuki S50
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I have a 2005 S50 that I bought used in October of 2020, with only 5700 miles on it. It now has just over 13k. I’m just wondering if there is any real benefit to regularly using some kind of engine treatment in the bike. I’ve changed the oil a couple of times since I’ve had it, changed brake and clutch fluid, and radiator coolant.

For a while I was adding a little Star Tron or Sta-Bil with fill-ups and everything seemed fine. No noticeable improvement, but certainly no negative (other than the few cents extra it cost to add it). Gas mileage was pretty consistent, hovering right around 50 mpg. Then the first two fill-ups this season I forgot to bring the additive with me, so filled without it. Interestingly enough, my gas mileage increased those two fill-ups to 53-55 mpg. This is all using regular 87 octane.

Part of me feels like it would help maintain the cleanliness of the carbs to go back to adding the treatment, but now I’m beginning to wonder if there’s any real benefit. I'm not the type who's going to actually remove and take apart the carbs myself, so I'm looking at it as preventive maintenance.

FWIW, I also have a bottle of Marvel Mystery Oil that I bought for something else, and I’ve been wondering about trying that stuff in the bike. If so, should it go in the gas tank or in with the oil?

Any thoughts or recommendations? Thanks.

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No, no and NO.
Usually just a waste of money.
Sometimes harmful if not used right.
And if you are concerned about keeping the fuel system CLEAN, a fuel stabilizer is NOT the answer.
Neither is MMO or an octane booster.

I dabbled with additives.....about 50 years ago......until I started reading unbiased reports from actual experts and then quit.
Now I put the recommended amount of Techron in the gas every 3 months or so.......and that is all.
Even that probably isn't necessary.
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