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Adjusting Idle RM125

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RM 125
Its all geeked out and it won't idle...I know this is not an issue to most people but i've only had about 10 days of practice on a motorcycle in my life andthey've all been in the last 4 months....

If somebody could coach me on how to adjust it so it idles .... it may keep me from all too familiar... "motor quit while making a hard turn" or "motor quit while coasting downhill" syndrome for me till i get my nature adjusted...... or :( grow some larger balls as it were.. LOL...

Much appreciated fellas

:roll: try not to spit your coke on the screen when you laugh at me LOL
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What year is the bike so I can help answer your question.
Your bike has two systems that affest the idle.

The Bypass System is adjusted by the choke knob. If you turn it the choke knob clockwise all the way in you then can turn it counter clockwise until it is 12 to 15 clicks out. This will affect the fuel mixture from full closed to 1/4 open.

The Idle screw can now be adjusted by turning it in all the way in clockwise. Then start the bike and with the bike running (have someone help control throttle) turn the idle screw counter clockwise until it has a nice steady slow idle
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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