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Adventure riding in Eastern Europe

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Adventure riding in Romania (Danube Delta crossing)


We are a crew of mechanics, art directors and architects and most important tourist guides who just love the great outdoors. What we are proposing is adventure riding combined with the cultural side of the travel. We're very fortunate to have such a beautiful country and people to present you.

Our first event this year will feature the crossing of the Danube Delta, a unique place in Europe. If you're available from 16th to 21st of August we'll be waiting for you.

Later edit:
Our second event this year, "Transylvanian trails" will take place in the first half of September. It will be located in the Apuseni mountains area. We will post all the details as soon as we decide the routes and all the logistical issues.

Join us off the beaten path!
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maybe this website will help you, It's a website with info about Romania best motorcycle roads.
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