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Afterburner ?

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Just a quick question...
I'am buying my first bike soon, a GSX 600F katana. Thought that it would be cool to have afterburner on :p
So is it something i can upgrade, or is it built-in on the engine?
I'am total n00b, have very little experince with motorcycles he he...

But if i'am able to get afterburner on it, i would ask the dealer to do it right of from the start. I don't know how to fix stuff like that myself :D

I promised a girl i would pick her up from school... Then go sky diving afterwords... (She is so hot ;) )

Anyway... it would be great with som help

My first POST :) yeah !!!
sorry for my english :p

ohh ... almost forgot, i'am 18 :D
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gsxrjeffro said:
Well that link doesn't work ( at least not at this time ).

So what is an afterburner ?

If he want's to go fast ( I'm assuming that's what an afterburner does ) why get the Kat rather than a GIXXER.

What experience does he have ?

What training does he have ?

Hope it's not my daughter he's picking up.

What's a newbie with no exp doing taking passengers, especially when his obvious aim is to impress a hot babe ?

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So let's start again,

How old are you?
Do you have any training ?
Where are you located ?

Katana 600 is bigger than what we recommend for beginners, we also recommend buying used for a first bike. Less painfull financially and emotionaly when you drop it the first couple of times.

Rather see a newbie on a GS500 of a Ninja 500, both fine bikes that'll outrun most any car on the road. Before dreaming of breaking the 200mph barrier start by seing how it feels to ride a bike at 40-50mph and work up from there.

P.S don't try and draw too much attention to yourself if you don't want to look foolish when you drop it or stall out or if you don't want to sell your bike to pay for fines.
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Re: ;)

Blackster-dk said:
14 years old !! he he... do i sound that childish :p
Answered your own question there bud !
Blackster, we apologize for jumping to conclusions.

It's possible that the language barrier is coming into play and your posts in english are not doing you justice.

It's just that combining your knowledge of english with a request for afterburners and wishes for eventually a 320kph bike, makes your posts sound like the type we get all too often here from very young people who have no idea what they're getting into.

So in the sake of international harmony I ask everybody here to have an open mind about this valued member and to please take into account that english is not this members first language.

So if not already said, Welcome to the site.
Well boy's lets be carefull here, underage girls in sexy clothing, let's not go there. As a parent and as site admin I must ask that we stick to bikes and family oriented postings.
Let us know how it works out and feel free if you have any questions.
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