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Afterburner ?

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Just a quick question...
I'am buying my first bike soon, a GSX 600F katana. Thought that it would be cool to have afterburner on :p
So is it something i can upgrade, or is it built-in on the engine?
I'am total n00b, have very little experince with motorcycles he he...

But if i'am able to get afterburner on it, i would ask the dealer to do it right of from the start. I don't know how to fix stuff like that myself :D

I promised a girl i would pick her up from school... Then go sky diving afterwords... (She is so hot ;) )

Anyway... it would be great with som help

My first POST :) yeah !!!
sorry for my english :p

ohh ... almost forgot, i'am 18 :D
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Afterburner? :lol:
Batman,is that you?

PS:welcome to the site! :wink:
I am starting to get a feeling that he really is serious! :shock: :idea: :shock:
Just done a quick search to try and find out about afterburners,I can't find much info,but it seems it is only a cosmetic enhancement,he isn't wanting to fit a turbine to the bike like I first thought. :wink:
Learn to ride a bike safely before you do anything else,and that doesn't mean passing your test,it means passing your test AND getting some experience.
If this girl you are trying to impress wants to finance everything she wants you to do and guarantee your safety then do what she says,otherwise,use your head.You have no bike experience but want to ride with a pillion through the middle of town at warp speed with flames shooting out the back of your bike!
I have a funny feeling you are also lying about your age,I am guessing nearer 14 than 18.
:arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :wink:
The humour value alone makes this guy a valuable member!
I think he is great! :lol:
Good luck with your choice of bike.I also have a little life tip for you though,before you take any medicine read the label ESPECIALLY if you are planning on going out on the road on a bike.
Been away for a couple of days,can't believe this thread is still going! :shock:
So hopefully we have talked a youngster out of doing something stupid and hurting himself and his g/f. :?:
1 - 7 of 41 Posts
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