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Afterburner ?

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Just a quick question...
I'am buying my first bike soon, a GSX 600F katana. Thought that it would be cool to have afterburner on :p
So is it something i can upgrade, or is it built-in on the engine?
I'am total n00b, have very little experince with motorcycles he he...

But if i'am able to get afterburner on it, i would ask the dealer to do it right of from the start. I don't know how to fix stuff like that myself :D

I promised a girl i would pick her up from school... Then go sky diving afterwords... (She is so hot ;) )

Anyway... it would be great with som help

My first POST :) yeah !!!
sorry for my english :p

ohh ... almost forgot, i'am 18 :D
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No seriusly.... Is it something i can upgrade ?
Or is it unable to fit onto a GSX 600F engine?

Because if i can fit a afterburner system on, i would do it no matter the cost.... (Ok, maybe not if it's too expensive:p)
Well... i have been reading about afterburners...

What i have found is, that it is supposed to strike flames out of the exhaust system (Would look cool)... It is supposed to give the bike alot of kick when speeding up. Every time you gear up or down it gives a kick, that way you get a better start on the acceleration ;)

That is what i have heard/read about afterburner :p
But i'am doing it to make the bike look cool.. would be cool to strike som flames while waiting for the lights to turn green ;)

She would like me to go 200 kph though the city nonstop, from one end to the other. With her on the back :p
Not sure it will go 200kph with her on but...

There "is" something called afterburner, since i read that one of the Kawasakies has it on. It does heat alot, and gives a hard kick when gearing down, that's why some take it off...

But i may be wrong :)

Almost forgot... your link does not work :)
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About the gixxer

I going to start small.... later i will buy a cool one ;)
I would like to start on a bike that does not kill me :p
I'll get a good one later... When i get the hang of it i'll be looking for one that is able to go 320 kph or something, with a acceleration of 0-100 on 2.7 secends or so...

But for know, i'll go with the small GSX 600F.
I'll give it free to my little brother when i'll buy a new one :p
Going to buy it as new ;)
from the start

I'am 18, live in denmark... and have no training at all.
But i've been thinking hard.... i'll start on a suzuki GS 500f
use a yeah or two, then shift to a bigger one.
I think i'll get myself killed otherwise :(
Though the girl won't be pleased with my choice.... :(
But for my safty and not becomming to sad when i drop it he he

In fact i'am 18 he he...
Otherwhise i would not have enough money to buy one ;)
14 years old !! he he... do i sound that childish :p
Anyway, she will have to go with the GS 500F.... My safty is my first priority :D

She is 16, and looks damn hot !! but getting myself killed... NO!
She was a little disapointed when i told her...

I guess me and her have seen to many movies :p
I've just seen "The Fast and the Furious" and " 2 Fast 2 Furious"
Can't wait to see "Torque", it seams cool !!

How could you think i'am 14? in Denmark you can first get your drivers license when you are 18 ;)
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I guess i do sound that childish then ;)
But i'am still 18 :D
What can i say to convience you that i'am 18 ? :?

Anyway, thanks for helping me decide to buy a GS 500F..
Know i just can't wait to get my hands on one ;)

Yestoday the hot girl gave me 6 VERY strong painkillers...
Thought it was some "Not so strong" prinkillers. So i ate them all in one shot... Later that day, i was so sick and dissy i thought i was going to die !
Lucky i feel ok now, but that was not fun :(....
All she had to say for her defence was: "sorry...did not know you were goin to take them all at once".
Then again, maybe i did take too many at once :p

Well.... i learned a lessen for life ;)
1 step closer to manhood :p
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Maybe this will convience you?

I'am already started my education, datatechnition.... Don't know what it is called in english, but something like that. I work with computers all day long, fixing them and stuff. Soon i'll start learning how to program ;)

There is from H1 to H8 i think... next monday I'am starting on H2. Hope i passed the test i was doing yestoday :shock:

maybe this helped make me sound a littel older ;) or maybe not ?...

Thanks, just the welcome i needed.
It is my fault, i did start very childish. I should have started introducing myself. I'am sorry, english is not my big strength. I see it from your perspective, a stupid boy comming crashing ind and saying : "Can i get flames out of the exhaust!! " and with a poorer english, sounds childish;)

So i'll act more mature. The problem is that every time i think of myself riding a bike, i get butterflys in my stomech. That's were my brains cut off... Then i start dreaming of a big bike with flames out and all...

And that girl! puh... she makes me act like a fool !!
love is a curse, and it's her fault i got cursed.

Well i guess i'll be riding slow and safe the next 2 years ;)
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Girl ?

Well... i only have a very dark picture of her on my PC.
i'll see if i can get her to take some pictures wearing some sexy cloth ;) :twisted:

But do remember she is 16, so maybe she looks too young for some of you. In bright dayligt, damn she is sexy ;)
I would do anything she would ask of me..

Edit by Uncle Bob: Picture removed

My mistake.... won't happen again, did not think that far...
I'am so imbarrest.... :oops:

So i'll just keep her for myself ;).... did not give it a thought she was underaged.

Back to biking, can't wait to get my bike !! :p

No, I have not :p
But my father had 2 motorcycles once, and my mother 1....
It was before i was born, so i've only seen pictures of them.
So it is kind of family tredition i buy a bike ;)

My father and little brother is already fighting over who will get my bike, when i buy the next one :p (Because either my father nor my brother has money to buy one themselfs)
I haven't even bought my first bike yet, and they fight over it he he...
Your right...

Yes you are right....

I hope I will do just as well as my father did. He started on a 500cc, and his first drop was on the third year he had it.

I will properly drop it, but i don't like the thought of either going under 500cc or buying a used one ;)
he he...

your right, i'll drive alot before i will take her on (Even though she is going to get mad because of it). The last thing i would like, is being responsible for her death or something :(

I have learned alot.... And i'll use my brains before i go do something stupid ;)

But one thing haven't changed... I still can't wait to get my bike :D
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