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Am I too small?

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I recently purchase a kawasaki kdx 250. This bike is very powerful and my toes just barely hit the ground. I am 44 years old and in the 210 lb range and i purchased bikes for my kids also so we can all be a part of it together. Problem is, I went to the track the other day cause there is nowhere else to ride and I fell all over the place. Yes I admit I am not as good as I thought I was. lol, I got to laugh at myself. I am wondering if I can bring the bike down some so I will fit better.

Do you guys think I have too much bike? Do you think I should bring the bike down some until I get more comfortable?

Ill wait for your opinions.

Thanks in advance for your help guys
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Thanks again Dave!

Thats what I was wanting to hear! I just got to plug away at it! Fall and fall some more. lol

Thank god for equipment!

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