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Another Gear Thread

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Sorry. Every newbie needs thier own gear thread, and i apologize if this stuff is repeated, but i would like to get opinions on the gear i have chosen from the experienced guys. I did look through quite a few search pages of old threads, but couldn't find much info on the gear im thinking of.

Im trying to combine saftey and comfort at a not TOTALLY wallet breaking price.

Teknic Chicane Leather Pants - $230
Teknic Chicane Leather Jacket - $175
Sidi On Road Sympatex Boots - $260
Suomy Spec-1 R Black - $385
Icon Hooligan Gloves - $55

Also considering alternatives. Im thinking about the Icon Motorhead jacket which i found for $289. Please make all suggestions. Different gear, and other places to look. I found the best prices on but had a few good deals as well.

Thanks in advance.
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Following Nexus' vein:

The blue of the jeans, while not in total agreeance with the rest of the ensemble, still represents an integral part of the fashion statement. Were we to sample the ambiance of the rider himself, we would find a most fluid, natural approach to all things in motion . . . including the aquatic side of life. By wearing the blue in addition to the yellow/black scheme, Mr. Nexus is offering the viewer a gentle reminder that we are all human, and that we are all a significant part of the naturally-occurring world around us. Even when riding a modern machine at speed.

In short, the blue serves to conjure up recollections of a simpler time . . . at triple digit speeds.
Gixxerdale said:
To funny meat! Did you use to announce at Miss USA? :mrgreen:
Buddy I WAS Miss USA . . . best three minutes of my life. If I had bought better duct tape, they never would have stripped me of the crown . . . stupid swimsuit competition!! :twisted:

You'd think the body hair/odor would have tipped them off. To think . . . I 'dated' all those judges for nothing.
["lipstick-and-mustache" smooches to all]
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