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So, we lost another one ... there was a fatal motorcycle accident not too far from here, in Germany near the Swiss border.

The newspaper article read like a checklist for things NOT to do:

- 19 years old
- No motorcycle license
- No experience on a bike
- No helmet or protective gear
- The bike was not registered or insured
- Riding too fast
- (probably) target-fixated on the curb

Death by massive head injuries when the bike hit the curb, and he went down onto the pavement. :roll:

If he hadn't been killed, he would be in some serious trouble now - no license, no helmet = major fines and loss of his driving license for several months, and probably the "idiot test" (medical-psycological evaluation) before he could drive again.

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And another.

Man Dies After Motorcycle Crash;

Family Believes Helmet Would Have Saved Him

May 12, 2005, 5:03 PM

By Anne Marshall

(LOUISVILLE) -- A 24-year-old Louisville man died at University Hospital Thursday after crashing his motorcycle into a car on Preston Highway about 7:30 Wednesday night. As WAVE 3's Anne Marshall reports, his family is hoping his story will convince other riders to wear helmets.

Any mother will say their child's life is priceless. But Connie Crisler has her son's life priced at $400.

"He's got a $400 helmet," she said. "I don't know why he didn't have it on."

Police say 24-year-old Chad Crisler lost control of his motorcycle on Preston Highway about 7:30 Wednesday night. He hit a car head-on and suffered extensive injuries.

He wasn't wearing a helmet.

Chad was taken to University Hospital, but died from his injuries on Thursday.

Now his family is in pain.

And Connie believes her son would still be with her if had been wearing a helmet. "If he didn't have it off," she said, "he'd be alive today because there's not another scratch on him."

Police say Chad only had his instructor's permit, so he's one of the few riders who are required by state law to wear a helmet.

But since Kentucky eased up on its helmet law in 2000, the number of riders wearing them has steadily gone down.

Phil Campbell sells Harleys, and says most customers leave with a helmet, but fewer believe in them -- he estimates about 50 percent of his customers wear helmets.

"In the winter time, they're warm," Campbell said. "That's about it."

Kentucky State Trooper Greg Larimore is a believer. "We definitely believe helmets save your life."

Larimore says since the law changed, motorcycle crashes have resulted in more serious injuries, "especially head injuries."

No one will ever know the value Chad's $400 helmet could have had. But his family believes Chad paid the ultimate price for not wearing it.

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this is going to sound terrible but as for inspirons one, good. doesnt deserve to live behaving in that way and putting others lives at risk.

i never wish for a biker to be injured but he aint a biker!!

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Ride-or-die said:
this is going to sound terrible but...
Yes, it does. :thumbsdo:

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trappercase said:
"In the winter time, they're warm," Campbell said. "That's about it."
That is crazy to me...I actually like wearing my helmet, for many reasons. They obviously have never tried a good helmet if that is their only reason for wearing's "warmth"

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I would never ride without a helmet. I feel it is just stupid. Why would you not want to wear something that would probably save your life in an accident. I wear a full face all the time even in the hot summer months. Yes I have considered a 3/4 or 1/2 helmet, but then I think to myself. Do I really wanna risk messing up this pretty face? lol. Events like this are sad, but in the same respect he had no business being on a bike in the first place. Fortunately he only took himself out. Darwin at his finest!
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