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Any GS 650 owners out there??

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Hello, I've been the proud owner of an '82 Suzuki GS 650G for about a year and a half now. I'm just discovering this website though, since I never had to look for info on the bike anywhere because it runs like a tank *knock on wood* Don't fix what ain't broken, right?

Nobody cares about me, so I'll just tell you about the bike. I got it for $600 in May of 2002. 20 years old and a whopping 8k miles on it. Poor thing had hardly been used. It is in almost mint condition, save for the totally 80s fairing that was on it. After some chrome polishing and fairing removal, she was back to normal. I bought it thinking it'd be a nice, tame little cruiser to learn on. I didn't want a 250, but I didn't want anything that quick either. Whooops...this bike surprised me with the amount of pop that little 0.65 liter motor cranked out. 73 hp new, I was VERY surprised that they made such power-dense engines back then. So where I thought I would be getting a 1-year bike to learn on, I have one that I can still have a lot of fun with. Plenty of power, decent handling, and enough heft to stay steady in pretty decent crosswinds.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and see if there were any other owners of the might 650 4-bangers from this era. If so, how have they treated you? Thanks and I look forward to exploring this very well-done site!!
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There are lots of the GS650 motorcycles on the road. One of the mst reliable bikes ever built. Another site you can go to is:

It deals with the older Suzuki GS line of bikes from the GS125 to the GS1150.

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