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Anyone Else Have 99-00 GSXR 600?

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For anyone else out there who owns a 99-00 GSXR 600. I was wondering how many quarts of oil to put in. 10w40 full synthetic right?

Sorry, just bought this bike and dont have manual yet and too broke to get one right now.

Also is there a way to check the oil level on this bike like a dipstick or something?

sorry to sould like such a newb, i change my cars oil all the time, but i havent done a bike before. Any advice is well appriciated.
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look on the side of the bike and u will see a window, here when the bike is upright, ie not on the stand you can see the oil levl and also how clean the oil is, the window is small and round and is on the throttle side of the bike.

ps welcome to the forum i have the same bike, enjoy it
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