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Anyone else ride in the new year???

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I didn't party or anything just wanted to see the fireworks over Lake Eola in downtown Orlando, so I got down there 10min off and kept waiting. A huge 4 club block party lit off a few fireworks but nothing big from the city. A whole bunch of other people also made there way to the lake to see the show but nothing. I knew I should have gone over to Universal Studios and watched their show. So anyway I left 10 mins after midnight and just cruised around town a bit on the SV till aboot 1:30am.

I'm quite dissapointed in the City of Orlando................
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Pinhy said:
I lived in Orlando (Metro West)
???? and now I live in Metro West, shocking.
Pinhy said:
cool...i was in the Summit at Metrowest apts....right on metrowest blvd. i worked over off sand lake and OBT.
Dear God!!!! I also work off Sand Lake and OBT!?!?!?!?! And I am living just one street north of your old location on Raleigh St. I feel very nervous right aboot now.

Damn this is one small state.
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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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