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Anyone got good buying tricks?

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I'm starting to shop around for a Boulevard C50. There are five dealers within 50 miles, and I have no problem shopping them all if need be. So far, they're all being pretty stuck up about the whole "new bike, full retail" attitude. I'm playing off each other and getting pretty much nowhere. I've gone from trading my GZ250 to a straight cash deal and still they won't budge.

Of course, they are all more than willing to drop the '04 Volusia 800 to around $6000. But they won't move on the C50s.

Any ideas to try and help?
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There are several tactics to saving some $$$ when buying high-tag items (cars, bikes, appliances, etc.):

1) Wait till the end of the month, when the dealers need to meet their quotas. They are often more open to deals in the last days of the month.

2) Wait until fall or early winter to buy a new bike - the dealers will try to get them out of the showroom before winter hits (and they have to store them).

3) Get informed - you can probably find most information (dealer cost, msrp, etc.) over the internet. The dealer will probably give you a good deal on the bike if you also buy some accessories (top case) and/or gear (clothing / helmet).

Good Luck ... and ride safe!
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