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anyone heard of a jc100y cougar?

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iv got one of these bikes and needs some parts, the suzuki dealer told me that this bike was actually made in japan and that is the only place i can get parts for it? any clueZ? :x
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That is not true i also have a cougar bike

i have a cougar bike also that i got a few years ago. It is also one of the suzuki bikes that they say u can only find parts for in Japan. I was actually able to find a dealer that carries the bikes but he takes about a month to send u the part. My bike has a 100 cc suzuki engine but all of the rest is cougar parts. It has a brand new front and back whel with new hand grips. it only has a brocken clutch and brake handle which is easily fixed. I will sell u the bike for500 dollars or under. u can email me at dirtbikrida09
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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