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Apex time

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When entering a sharp corner there are motions and actions which you should follow. I'm basically asking if I am right or wrong.

/In no particular order/
1. Always decelerate before coming into a corner.
2. Never brake or shift while cornering.
3. Find the Apex and keep a solid line.
4. Never downshift too soon and keep the rear tire from skidding (duh)
5. When turning left for example; shift your azz to the left of the seat, lean forward or tuck, apppropriately countersteer and drop your knee.
6. Exiting a corner; level yourself back on the seat, tuck your body and accelerate like youre running from the cops.

In case anyone was wondering I'm getting ready for a track day with my friend. I'm sure I'll learn some there, but I still wanna know if anyone has any suggestions.
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Don't get back up on the seat until the bike almost completely upright....

Watch the AMA/MotoGP racers, they are still slightly off center on the seat until they are practically upright.

I've read to go into a turn in the highest gear you can pull out of the turn, too high of a gear and you bog....too low and you spin the rear and possibly highside.

SLOW throttle control is the key....remember, slow in fast out.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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