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Apex time

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When entering a sharp corner there are motions and actions which you should follow. I'm basically asking if I am right or wrong.

/In no particular order/
1. Always decelerate before coming into a corner.
2. Never brake or shift while cornering.
3. Find the Apex and keep a solid line.
4. Never downshift too soon and keep the rear tire from skidding (duh)
5. When turning left for example; shift your azz to the left of the seat, lean forward or tuck, apppropriately countersteer and drop your knee.
6. Exiting a corner; level yourself back on the seat, tuck your body and accelerate like youre running from the cops.

In case anyone was wondering I'm getting ready for a track day with my friend. I'm sure I'll learn some there, but I still wanna know if anyone has any suggestions.
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I agree with pretty much everything except for your views on acceleration out of the corner. After you have the bike leaned your goal should be to get on the throttle as soon as possible. I am not saying wack it open but a smooth roll-on at the apex and possiblly even pre apex will do wonders for stabilizing the bikes suspension and improving lap times.

If your really interested in track days and improving your skill set, check out Twist of the wrist II by Keith Code. That book goes ridicoulsly indepth on corning and other 'track' techniques.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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