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Approx Tire Milage

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i'm just wondering what the average amount of kilometers that people are getting from the original factory stocks.
I bought my 2004 1200 bandit in May 2004 and i have since then put on 4500 km's.The tires still look pretty good but i'm just wondering what everyone else is getting out of their factory stocks(michelin macadas i think). :smile:
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Well that can depend entirely on how you drive. I have about 4,500 on my tire and it definately has a lot of life left. However; if you track race or zip around all the time expect to shave off about 1/2 to 3/4 of the tires life. Just plan on getting a new one when you cannot see much pattern on the tire. Of course it's always better to have newer ones than spent one's but i don't like spending the 150+ dollars on a new tire every month.
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