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Hi everyone,

If this is inappropriate then please simply delete.

We're looking for new members to join RSVZone; a new forum dedicated solely to the Aprilia RSV! If you own an RSV or have an interest in Aprilia's then come on in and make yourself at home. Membership is free and members from all over the world are welcome. Come on in and show off your ride!

Since their inception the Aprilia RSV 1000 R and RSV 1000 R Factory series have been turning heads on the pavement, and on the track so it just seemed logical to have a place to talk about them when summer days have gone, and the next trackday is still a few days away. Thus, RSVzone was created, and is currently the only site dedicated solely to only the Mille/RSV line. Not only is RSVzone the place to come to talk about bikes, but it also is a strong community of bikers who share interests outside of riding. Whether you're new to riding, or a seasoned racer, there is something for everyone in the Zone. Come on in and scrub the tires.

- Please click below to join -

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