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Arai Helmets

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While I was at the motorcycle shop on Saturday getting my fan switch fixed, I was trying on helmets to kill time.

I tried on an Arai RX7 - Corsair racing helmet...OH MY! It felt like my head was surrounded by a was very comfortable.

Of course it was also $600!!! :shock:

Had to put it back on the shelf...but now I want a new helmet!! :cry:

[edit] removed evidence of my robbery!! :)
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The most important thing for a safe helmet is how it fit YOUR head!

A Arai may not fit your head as well as a Shoei or a HJC or <you get the idea>
LayinLo_usmc said:
I guess I should have qualified my statement better: It listed the top helmets in terms of customer satisfaction. I don't remember reading anything about safety. 8)
And you tell us just now?? :wink:
Yeah, a whole 6 Minutes late. Will you ever learn? :lol:
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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