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Back in the saddle

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A few years back I sold my Yamaha Maxim 750, and have regretted it ever since. I am in the market for a new Intruder 800, and hope to have it by my birthday (37th). I am a newbie to this forum, but not to bikes. I just wanted to say Hi to you all and I will be around a bit gleaning some info.

But my first and biggest task is to convince my wife that I absolutely have to have this bike! Not gonna be easy I know! I hope to meet some of you on the road in the VERY near future. Wish me luck on the wife thing. See ya 'round the boards!
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Oh, I'm definitely a cruiser type. Motorcycles are dangerous enough without zipping along at 120+ MPH. I like the laid-back, out-for-a-ride-on-a-sunny-day kind of cruising 8) . There are so many nice scenic roads in this part of NY, and a lot of them have been re-surfaced over the past few months :D . As for the wife, she'll NEVER get on a bike at all. She is terrified of them, which makes my job of convincing her that much harder. But, I'll keep at it until she gets so sick of me talking about it, that she gives in! :twisted: Until such time, keep the rubber side down!
TL Chris, you stole my quote while I was typing my reply! :wink:
Well, I found out why she is sayng "No". It is the house. She wants a new kitchen and dining room! :roll: Okay, I can do that... no biggie. Yeah, I want the bike now, but if I have to wait until next spring, well then I'll have to wait. :x But I did tell her that If I'm building her a new kitchen and dining room, I'm getting a brand-spankin' new 2005 Intruder 800.
You guys are too much! :D Thanx for the support, it goes a long way towards making the wait for spring '05 a little more bearable. Thanx again. 8)
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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