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Bad Customer Service - Discount Motorcycle Tire

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I ordered a new tire for the bike (a Metzeler MEZ4) on Tuesday of this week. I get a call today (Friday) after waiting 3 of the 5-10 business days telling me that they no longer stock the MEZ4.

Fine, I'll get another tire. But first, I'll call customer service and explain to them that they should remove that tire from the website, so folks like me don't waste their time (3 days) waiting for somethign they don't have. Just for giggles, I figured I'd ask about getting some sort of a discount for my inconvenience.

Seeing as how they charge 10% for canelled orders, I thought it should work the other way too. They cancel, I get the 10%. I got some moron who thought it was funny to play coy with me:

"I don't see what a cancellation penalty has to do with us not having that particular tire, Mr. Landry."

"Well, if I inconvenience you by cancelling an order, you bill my credit card, so I just thought that maybe the door swung both ways, and I'd get something in return for MY inconvenience."

"I still don't see what the two have in common."

"I wouldn't expect you to. Maybe Ron Ayers knows the difference." <click>

What a bunch of bums. I didn't really expect to get anything, but I DID expect someone to explain it in a logical manner, without being a jerk. I'll never order another thing from that place, all because I got a jerk one time on the phone. Ain't it funny, how a single incident (one where I really didn't expect them to GIVE me anything, just explain it to me in a rational context) can take away business?

Oh well . . . it doesn't affect me. They're the ones that lost a sale.
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Ron Ayers rocks, they're great for factory parts too. 8)
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