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Battle in the South

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From Battle In The South
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The first song was the beginning of a Thrice song. Sorry i did not get the best team coverage layinlo, I was in a bad spot and shivering really bad ( the top of those bleachers got damn cold). plus, one guy and one camera cannot cover a team event, too many people going in too many different directions all at once. i had alot of raw footage from the team events but chose to go with the individual stuff as i had alot of focus problems that day b/c of low lighting and a crap wide angle lens (which you can still see in some of those shots). i tried to put the best footage that i had from the event, not necessarily the best stuff that happened.

this is the first vid clip like this i have done so i appreciate the criticism and now i know, in the next vid, not so many wheelies... :wink:

you can see some pictures of the event here , just go to the picture section. there are also other videos that i have done on the Dem Boyz site as well...
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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