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I am taking a trip from Southern Cal up to the Oregon boarder. Here are the roads that I am taken, if any of you have taken these roads, any input you can provide you be greatly appreciated

Day 1---Oct 10th
1. Take the 101 (north) pass Santa Barbara to hwy 154
2. Take hwy 154 through the Santa Ynez Moutains to the 101
3. Take the 101 (north) again through SLO to hwy 1
4. Take hwy 1 all the way up the coast through Morro Bay, Big Sur into Santa Cruz
5. Chill in Santa Cruz for the night.

Day 2
1. Head back up hwy 1 to hwy 9
2. Take hwy 9 to hwy 236 through Big Basin Redwoods State Park back to hwy 9
3. Take hwy 9 to Alpine road to hwy 84 and then back to the coast-hwy 1
4. Head up the coast through SF and over the Golden Gate bridge.
5. Continue up hwy 1 to Stewarts Point then to Skaggs Spring Road
6. Take Skaggs Spring Road to hwy128 to hwy101 back to hwy128 to hwy1
7. Take hwy 1 up to hwy 101 through hwy 254-Avenue of the Giants into Eureka
8. Chill in Eureka for the night.

Day 3
1. Head back up the coast trough Humboldt to Crescent City
2. Take hwy 199 over the Smith River to Grants Pass, Oregon
3. Chill there for a minute and start my journey back home.
4. Take the 5 (south) through Mt Shasta to Redding
5. Chill in Redding for the night.

Day 4
1. Take hwy 44 to hwy 89 through Lassen Volcanic National Park
2. Take hwy 89/hwy 70 through Lake Almanor to hwy 395
3. Take hwy 395 through Reno(stop and do a little gambling)
4. Continue down hwy 395 to hwy 120 through Yosemite.
5. Take hwy 120 to hwy 49 to hwy 140 into Merced
6. Chill in Merced for the night.

Day 5
1. Take hwy 99 down to hwy 180 into Sequoia
2. Take hwy 198 back to hwy 99
3. Head to the house.

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That trip sound great. I have taken most of the roads on the way up to Oregon, and they are great. Nice views, and plenty of twisties on Hwy 1. I was recently on a short trip on Hwy 1 and the weather was great, not to mention the clear views. Good luck. Ironically, today being the first day of fall, I should mention that the weather is starting to drop significantly in the evening in Northern California, just to give you a heads up.

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Yeah, I plan to bring lots of layers as I can always take some of them off if I were to get too hot. It should be fun-I am getting pretty excited.

I will post some pictures when I return.

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yellowbee said:
What promted this trip? Soul searching. Desiring one on one time with your bike to get to know each other better?
I have been working alot this year and I have not taken a vacation;that being said, I wanted take a bike related trip somewhere and not worry about time so I came up with this excursion.

And yes I would like to get to know the bike better, I am looking forward to our time alone :)
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