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Bike wont stay running

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I've got a 1998 Suzuki GSXR-600. Everything was fine and it road fine the last time I road it. About 2-4 weeks went by and i went out to ride and it wouldn't start well...when i finally got it going it wouldn't run for s**t. Had to keep the choke on and had the throttle response was extreemly poor. I've only got about 10 or 11 thousand miles on the bike and i'm not sure what is causing this. I've checked the air filter, changed the plugs, but this is to no avail. Last time i road i had filled up with gas and road about 12 miles or so before returning home and shutting it off. Bad gas? Fuel Filter? Anyone have any other ideas.
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Well was it 2 or 4 weeks?

If it was 4 weeks you could have gunk in the carb jacking it up, you could try some carb cleaner/injector cleaner or you could clean the carb yourself.

Could be a clogged fuel filter.

BTW, it is RODE......rode=past tense of ride.......road=the strip of pavement you ride on.
Ride-or-die said:
sorry to kinda jack the post a wee bit but im having a similar problem with my 2000 gsxr600, i havent had it long so im hoping it might just need a good service but my prob is when im braking and slowing for roundabouts i rear the revs drop right off and unless i blip the throttle (which it kinda struggles to do) the bike just dies when i come to a stop at the stop line for example, its asthough its not fuelling properly,any suggestions i can try before having her booked in to a garage for a service?
See fireblade's post above
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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