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Biker Down - REWARD

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Hi Guys, long time no post! hope everyone is doing well.

there was a really bad accident here in Hollywood, CA this past wed (4/21) and we are now looking for the 2 bikers who were the cause of it. i know it's a long shot but you never know who know's who and where they are. here's the 411....

2 bikers (a black honda with red tires & an older model ninja with dual headlights) both sideswiped to other bikers (a Duc and a Buell) and as a result the Duc guy had to have his leg amputated about mid calf.
all 4 bikes went down but the honda and ninja were able to get away before anyone realized how they were involved. the ninja rider had a helmet with the roulette wheel on it. the accident occured on the 101 just south of alvarado around 11.45pm.

if anyone has any info please email me asap. all info will be kept conidential and there is a reward of over 2k.

thanks all, appreciate the help and safe riding!!!
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cant do much up here in canada, but those guys deserve to be busted. A roulette wheel on a helmet is also a rare thing to see i would think?? never been in a accident and i feel sorry for the poor guy who lost part of his leg :x
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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