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Bikers are always on the lookout for motorcycle stunts. A current inclination of youngsters towards bike stunts is really shocking as there is a huge rise in bike accidents resulting due to rash riding. Individuals are often confused with the word “stunts” and try to act them on roads after getting influenced by television commercials & other forms of media.
Here are some examples of how stunts on bike can lead to severe injuries and even death:
Wheelie - A wheelie is a bike maneuver done by an expert rider to raise the front wheel off the ground and ride only on the rear wheel. Wheelies are inherently hazardous stunts besides there is a vast increase in youngsters to try this stunt form. Improper knowledge plus safety kit makes it very risky and chances are that it will lead to serious injuries despite the protective gear.
Stoppie - Stopping with the rear wheel off the ground (the opposite of a wheelie), also termed as endo. This form of stunt is extremely risky and leads to fatal injuries. Practically there has been a massive growth in mishaps as youngsters try to maneuver this trick.
Recent stats show that nearly 80% of the motorbike crashes are caused due to bike stunts lacking proper knowledge.

Latest News read that 2 youths lost their lives while performing stunts on their motorbikes on highway. The two along with a group of motorbike riders lost control of their bikes while performing stunts and hit a boardwalk.

A review conducted by the Central Road Research Institute shows that more than 90% pedestrians feel unsafe while crossing the roads due to rash & unsafe bikers.
The view of riding a bike is to enjoy the two wheel ride. The main motto of bike is all about appreciating the ride while commuting from one place to other. People often misuse the power by performing stunts on the road without proper awareness and safety gear which results in severe mishaps. Bike stunts are unsafe because the rider only has two wheels to put up with him and therefore the rider is constantly in danger in spite of the use of helmets and protective gear.

Mahindra 2 Wheelers has taken the initiative of promoting safe riding. The key idea is to support safe riding all through the country to reduce the rate of road accidents. The commercial of Mahindra 2 wheelers teaches you how to ride safely & patiently - ‪mahindramotorcycles's Channel‬‏ - YouTube

It is necessary to ride safe on your bikes. Riding rash or stunting will definitely lead to unfortunate mishaps rather than making you cool. The law forbids “stunts” bikes on roads and it can even lead to punishment. The stunts are very unsafe and should not be performed at any step.
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